Jamifi Відгуки

Amazing!! So lit every time I use this app

Baljot Gill’s mixes are amazing! It’s a great app for getting hype and jamming to all your favorite songs in mixes by all your favorite DJs 👌🏽

Great Interface | Smooth Navigation

I have used couple of music apps but this app is really very smooth and easy to use. Developer done the great job. Keep going ✌️


Great app awesome collection!! BUT Should allow other method to login into the app other than facebook!!

Jamifi is awesome

Love using this app! I love to workout so I use this app a lot

Dope app!

Didn’t think there was really an app out there that actually has only Punjabi music. Love hearing DJs content from the Punjabi community.

Great Experience!

Super user friendly and unlike any other Indian steaming services, runs very smooth and it doesn’t seem to have any bugs

Best app for punjabi songs

Best app!! I really appreciate your work, I have never seen any other app just focusing on only Punjabi songs with also almost no-ads.👏

Other ways to create an account??

Wasn’t really able to use it and see what the hype is all about. Don’t have Facebook, good luck trying to get on the app and using it. I wish there were other ways to log in and creat an account.

This app is great

This app works very well. It has a slick interface and provides high quality content that I actually like.


I have jamifi and i love the app but i have premium and get ads still. I checked my apple account and i still am subscribed to premium. When i go to restore premium in the app is says im not subscribed.

Great app but does need a little work

I love the app, great concept and greatly executed. But, playback and app layout needs some work in my opinion. But nevertheless really a superb app

Data demolisher

I used this app for 3 days, maybe a couple hours per day worth while driving, and it used up 13 GB OF DATA!!! Do NOT download this app unless you have unlimited data or enjoy spending money for no reason (when there are plenty of other Indian music apps that have a reasonable data stream). Two thumbs down.

Great app but premium doesnt do what it is supposed to do

I love this app and paid for premium to listen offline but tracks disappear randomly from offline list and sometimes all of them disappear and re-downloading tracks downloads incomplete playlist. Free version is great though. I might have to go back to free version.

Please fix the issue

I love the aap and use all the time but from past couple of days the app is not working. Please fix it

Great app, support team could use improvement.

Love the app been using it since the beginning, was great and still is with ads. However, as the top review states that the ads cause it to crash is really frustrating, along with that when you are using GPS or an app like Waze it interferes with the ads. For example when you are using an GPS app it creates a banner on top saying “*App name* is currently using your location” with that banner on top you can’t close the ad. To close ads I have to close my gps app and come back to Jamifi to close ad then go back and start my directions app. I understands we teens use phone all the time we are driving so it shouldn’t matter doing all this, but it’s still dangerous for ones that don’t want to use their phone while driving and just want to start the music and don’t want to touch their phone while driving. What is annoying is that I contacted support regarding this issue and was told to look out for the update, update is here and it hasn’t been fixed. I am not telling you guys to stop the ads, keep ads they don’t bother but have the ads close by themselves after certain time that would be great.

Needs Improvements

• Better user interface • Crashes on iPhone X after advertisement • Needs more artists - 3 stars because of this. • Better song search - lot is missing Great app most recommended for Punjabi music. To developers... Update UI is a must.. it’s a hassle working around this app. Specially if you have your phone mounted in your vehicle.. Also add que opinions.

Login options

Love the app overall and new updates. However would love to see added support for google login. Difficult when you deactivate FaceBook.

Good but ads suckss

it’s good but add almost every other song and it’ll just pause the music you have to go back in the app and hit play. i wish it just played itself after the add like on sound cloud that’s why i went back on sound cloud

Great app but facing some problems lately

I have always been in love with this app. I can never give it less than 5 stars. No complaints until I changed my phone to IPhone X. I understand advertisements are important to run an app. But it crashes after an advertisement and One more thing is if you are driving it is dangerous when you have to actually close the ad and it crashes then you have to replay again. Most of the times I listen to music is in my car. I really hope this issue would be solved soon.

Amazing app for Punjabi songs

Has the latest Punjabi songs, and all the newest DJ mixes. Will recommend to everyone.

Best app!!

I used to use SoundCloud for everything but now it’s only and always Jamifi. I love how everything is set up and easy to access and use. Best for anyone who likes pre-made playlists and punjabi songs.

Great Music App

I love listening to Jamifi! It is very well organized by artists/djs/genres which helps finding your preferred songs that much easier!

Requires Facebook,

Spotify doesn't ask for Facebook. If you want to charge for premium then make a username login system otherwise not worth it. You already charge the DJs to upload their music, I think you can allow few more skips..

Best Punjabi music app out there.

No better feeling knowing I’m able to listen to the a particular song and not worry about a thousand different cover with the exact same title. Moved on from SoundCloud. All the Dj’s you want and non of the bs. Jam On!!!

Great concept, just too many bugs

Love the app idea and music selection. I really want to keep using it, but there is always something going wrong. Most recently with the update, advertisements cause the app to skip back a few songs or just stop playing songs altogether. I listen to the app while working out or driving, and I have to go into the app and close the ad before the app returns to normal. I think ads would be better if they play like the ones on Spotify do. A short audio clip. If that’s not possible, maybe a timed advertisement in which music is paused. I really want to keep using this app, but right now it’s hard.

It WAS a great app

It was a great app for Punjabi Music BUT now it pops up ads in most annoying voice ever. Jamifi introduced Premium and it is very high just for Punjabi Music. I am subscribed to Spotify already but have way more options and will stick to Spotify. Our ride ends here.... Thanks

1 star

Crashes all the time

Must have app

I recently heard about it through FB n loving it alrdy. It has all the latest tracks by Punjabi artists, I just hope they modify it lil but where search engine can be accommodated also. It’s a must have app for all Punjabi music lovers.

Great for music, functionality is alright

It is incredibly difficult deleting a song from my favorites and the interface is quite messy still. Edit: nonetheless, the app's premise is great and I really enjoy having the ability to listen to songs, remixes, team mixes (hopefully more to come soon?) all in one spot.

Best of luck , good app

Good app, can be better. Have to have all hit songs, for example Nachattar Gill new song missing ,I had to use YouTube for that song. Don’t hold back, entertain entertain entertain, dil kolh ke what makes this app different?

Great concept

Used to be a great app till they updated the interface a few days ago. They should revert back to the other interface and would be a 5star app.

5 star

Great app for Punjabi music. Cool keep it up guys. Hope it will stay like that in coming versions too.


Old layout was better, but great job with the new release updates.

Good but doesn't work properly on my phone

Love the app and music choice. But when I get off the app or turn the screen off the music stops too. Screen has to stay on and on the app basically. Hopefully they fix the glitch

Dope app!

The latest update is pretty cool! The app is a lot faster now and has awesome content. Would recommend it to all punjabi music lovers!!👍

Amazing app!

It’s just so user friendly!! All my favorite Punjabi songs in one place. Love it👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽


Love it !!!!

Two thumbs way way up!

Love this app to satisfy all my bhangra needs <3

Love it!!!

Really cool concept and love the up to date songs.

Awesome App

Love this app, latest songs. Recommend every single friend. Keep it up :)


This app is really good , variety of music and genres. Keep it up guys luvin it ❤️

Perfect no problem

Ek dum zabardast


Great app for Punjabi Songs.

Amaizing. All in one Bhungra

Amazingly design app, definitely recommend to everyone to download for Punjabi music lovers. I just downloaded and I'm loving it

Yes Sir!!!


Best ever

Best punjabi music app ever!!

Great app

Awesome app can't wait to see how it grows as more artist are added

Awesome app

All dj artists one place,just need casting feature for big screen

Just what I needed!

Great app! Very easy to use and has all my favorite Bhangra music!! Awesome job!

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